Ebay auctions containing misspellings and typos (known as 'fatfingers' listings) get less views, less bids and so sell for less. Grab a bargain today !

Find Fat Fingers Ebay Auctions and Save Money

To track down your first eBay fatfingers listings simply enter a brand or manufacturers name in the search box below, select your nearest eBay site and click the 'Search' button. Not sure what to search for ? Try: Abercrombie, Motorola, or Playstation.

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Why 'Fat Fingers' ?

Every single day of the year thousands of eBay auctions fail to sell because they contain spelling mistakes. Whether deliberate or accidental (due, perhaps, to fat fingers) these auctions cannot be found using eBay's built-in search tools and so get less bids.

How does it work ?

By taking your correctly spelled words (manufacturers names usually work best) and simulating the typical fat finger spelling mistakes we generate a list of the most common eBay misspellings which is then used to search eBay (and some other auction sites if you wish). Any misspelled auction items matching your search will be displayed.